Welcome to the E-Safety Section of the KES website. The purpose of this section is to give a range of useful information regarding E-Safety.

Technology has become so ingrained in our day-to-day lives it is important to ensure our students are aware of the dangers surrounding technology and the implications surrounding how they present themselves online.

KES works with National Online Safety to provide up to date and extensive e-safety support for our students, parents & teachers.  Parents and teachers have their own personal log in to the NOS website, where there are tutorials, videos and help guides that cover the entire online world.   We also play weekly e-safety videos in tutor time, throughout the school, to keep our students up to date on the most relevant e-safety topics.

E-safety is a core part of our ICT and PSHE curriculum which gives students further e-safety guidance.  We also run various e-safety events throughout the year such as the ‘Walk online’. If you have any concerns regarding e-safety, or require a log on to the National Online Safety website, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

Below there are a number of useful e-safety websites you can visit. You can also find e-safety guides in the e-safety section of our website. However to fully immerse yourself with learning how to safely navigate the online world we would recommend you log into the National Online Safety website.


National Online Safety

National Online Safety is a fantastic online platform that offers extensive resources for all online safety. It is regularly updated with new tutorials, videos and helpful resources which matches the ever changing landscape of the online world.  All parents at KES have been sent an invitation to join the National Online Safety community, please let us know if you need this link sent to you.  Please spend some time to explore this incredible website.

Think u Know

Think U Know is an excellent website on E-Safety. It runs through a range of E-Safety issues which students face every day. Students can select their age range and look through appropriate and relevant content to help them stay informed and stay safe online. There are also parent / carer sections which look at issues surrounding talking to students and different strategies to keep students safe.

Net Aware

Net Aware is a useful tool for checking the apps students are using. Using this website, a parent / carer can gain an overview of the app, along with an insight into anything extra the parent / carer may need to be aware of.


The NSPCC has a wealth of information on E-Safety. These pages contain specific information on E-Safety for students and adults. This website also contains the NSPCC E-Safety hotline details where students and adults can get more information about E-Safety.


CEOP is the reporting function used when a student feels they are in a situation online which is potentially dangerous. The CEOP website is there for students to report websites / users who are making them feel uncomfortable. If a student is being harassed online, they can report it here. 

E-Safety Policy Social Networking for Students