Home Learning

Research has consistently shown the positive link between completing home learning and a student’s overall performance.

By valuing home learning, students are afforded the chance to practice skills and consolidate understanding of work covered in the classroom and achieve their very best.

At KES we value more than just grades and want our students to leave us as well rounded individuals ready for the adult world.

Home learning enables students to develop good study habits; develop self-discipline, independence and the ability to take responsibility for their own learning. We encourage students to use their free time to explore their own interests however completion of home learning is key expectation within our provision at KES.  

To ensure that your child is receiving the help and support they need, failure to hand in home learning will trigger a ‘non-completion of home learning alert’ to your Parent Gateway account. 

These alerts allow timely communication between home and school, ensuring your child has access to the support and guidance they need to achieve their very best and feel proud of their achievements. 

In the event that your child has multiple ‘non-completion’ alerts in a two week period, you will be with further guidance or support.  


Parents and students have full access to all the home learning set via the website 'Satchel One' (formally known as Show My Homework). When a piece of home learning is set, teachers will add the task (and any additional resources) to Satchel One. Students should check this every day.

Students should use the option to SIGN IN WITH RM UNIFY and use their school log-in details. Students who have any issues with logging in should go to K15 at break times.

Students will be set home learning on a regular schedule outlined here:

Homelearning Parent Guide


KS3 Home Learning information

We understand the importance of balance in a student's life and the need to explore hobbies; read for pleasure and fulfil other responsibilities. This is why our home learning policy is now centred around the research-backed technique of ‘retrieval practice’. 

Retrieval practice allows students to engage in meaningful learning in an efficient time frame.  

This short video which explains our home learning process: 


Your child will be using a half-termly home learning booklet which will be provided electronically via SatchelOne.

If you feel that your child would benefit from a printed copy, please complete the following link: 


We encourage students to use their free time to explore their own interests as well as engage in reading for pleasure.  Our English department’s recommended reading list can be found here on our school website: 

English Essentials Reading List - The King Edmund School (kes.essex.sch.uk) 

KS4 Home Learning information

The homelearning policy for KS4 also centres around ‘retrieval practice’. Retrieval practice allows students to engage in meaningful learning in an efficient time frame.  

Please watch the following short video which explains our home learning process for KS4 students. 


The home learning process will require the use of the online platform GCSEPod. Your child has been given their log-in details for GCSEPOD and has been shown the platform during tutor time. It is available on all devices and has several additional accessibility options available (Accessibility - GCSEPod). 

Their log-in details have the following format: 

  • Username School username 
  • Password kesgcsepod (all lowercase) 

Please note that GCSEPod is replacing the use of Seneca. If, however, your child would like to continue using this resource, they are able to set up their own individual account to supplement their revision.  

Queries or questions?

For any queries around the home learning process, please contact the school using the dedicated email address: homelearning@kes.essex.sch.uk 

Document Title Date Download
Homelearning parent guide 08th Nov 2023 Download
Homelearning subject schedule 08th Nov 2023 Download
Year 7 Summer 2 Homelearning Booklet 04th Jun 2024 Download
Year 8 Summer 2 Homelearning Booklet 04th Jun 2024 Download
Year 9 Summer 2 Homelearning Booklet 04th Jun 2024 Download