At KES, we are committed to raising the standards of numeracy for all students by equipping them with the fundamental skills required to be confident and competent with numbers.

‘We use numeracy everyday in all areas of our lives. Our confidence and ability with numbers impacts us financially, socially, and professionally.’ (National Numeracy, 2022)'.

Numeracy is a proficiency which is developed mainly in Mathematics but also other subjects. We are committed to consistently teaching and modelling mathematical methods in all subjects (not just Mathematics) using structured approaches that develop students’ understanding and ability to make cross curricular connections. We aim to promote high standards and expectations of numeracy across our curriculum and beyond the classroom.

For more information about how to support your child with numeracy at home, please download and read the leaflet below.

Numeracy information for parents and carers

Numeracy Ninjas 

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 complete numeracy ninja sessions (five per half term) as part of their Mathematics lessons. Numeracy ninjas supports learners in developing high levels of fluency with important numeracy skills. It provides an excellent opportunity for students to build confidence with mental strategies, times tables and key skills.

Tutor Time Numeracy 

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 attempt different problems each week which require them to apply their numeracy skills and lateral thinking skills. Students can achieve bronze, silver and gold awards in numeracy for engaging in the KES key numeracy skills.

Developing Fluency

We encourage students to explain their numerical reasoning in lessons and at tutor time. At KES we establish a classroom culture which allows students to explore different methods and strategies to problem solve.

Celebrating Numbers

Look out for fun numeracy events at KES throughout the year such as Pi day, number day, national numeracy day, perfect number day.

Supporting your child

‘Our first impressions of numbers were influenced by the grown-ups around us. We can make sure our children have a positive introduction to numbers even if we didn’t (National Numeracy, 2022).’

If you would like to improve your own numeracy skills and build confidence when supporting your child, you can learn without pressure by using resources like the National Numeracy Challenge.

There is also help available for adults to improve maths and numeracy skills including fully funded maths courses up to GCSE to enable people to get the maths skills they need.