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Uniform & Appearance

We are very proud of our students' appearance and uniform; it promotes a shared identity and ensures that all students are equal.

Key Stage 3 and 4 students are required to wear the correct uniform at all times. We ask all parents to work with the school to ensure that their child is correctly dressed for school. Students are allowed to wear either a skirt or trousers.

All the major items of clothing, including PE kit, are available from one of Danielle’s schoolwear shops in Rayleigh and Hockley, or at Crawlers School Uniform shop in Southend. Both shops are available to buy from online. We also have our own secondhand shop, KES Pre-Loved, on the school site. The shop is open every Thursday during term-time, between 2.30pm and 4pm, and can be found on the school yard in cabin number 3.


All students are required to wear the following:

KES BLAZER Bottle green in colour with the KES badge embroidered on the top pocket. Only available new from Danielle’s and Crawlers.

KES TIE Each year group wears a different tie and students must wear the correct tie for their year group. Please check with the school if you are unsure which tie is the correct tie for Year 7. The tie is clip on and they are only available new from Danielle’s and Crawlers.

SKIRTS Kilt style tartan skirt that falls on the knee when in a standing position. Skirts are not permitted to be rolled at any time. They are only available from Danielle’s and Crawlers.

TROUSERS Plain black slim or regular fitting tailored style trousers new from Danielles or Crawlers. Skinny trousers, jeggings, jeans or leggings are not allowed. Belts should be plain black.

PLAIN WHITE BLOUSE OR SHIRT One that buttons up to the neck and is designed to be worn with a tie and is long enough to tuck properly into the waistband. No badges, motifs, patterns, coloured buttons, etc are acceptable. Shirts and blouses can be long or short sleeved.

IDENTITY BADGES are provided by the school and should be worn on the right lapel of the blazer at all times when in school. Lost badges will need to be replaced at a cost of £5 for a new ID card and holder.

Should be dark in colour and of sensible design. Casual leisurewear is not allowed: denim (all colours), leather and ’leather effect’. All outdoor coats must be removed upon entering any school building.

  • Plain black tights.
  • Plain black ankle socks.
  • PLAIN black shoes ONLY.
  • Maximum heel height of of 2cm.
  • Made of leather or strong synthetic material (not canvas).
  • Boots, trainers, platforms, stilettos or backless shoes are not allowed.
  • Kickers school shoes are acceptable.
  • Coloured laces, decorative buckles etc. are not allowed.

Pupils who are wearing skirts must also wear black tights except where notified in hot weather. Black ankle socks are permitted at this time.

Hair should be neat and tidy. Extreme styles of fashion such as: varied lengths, spiking, undercuts, colouring (hair should not be unnaturally coloured), sculpting, excessive use of gels or waxes, close-cropped, shaved or shaved pattern styles are not permitted. Cut styles must be blended, not stepped. If parents are unsure about the acceptability of a hair style being considered by their child, they are encouraged to contact the Assistant Head of Pastoral Care to discuss. A student who arrives at school with an inappropriate hair style may be isolated from attending lessons, or school for a period of time. For health and safety reasons, hair that is shoulder length or longer should be tied back in practical lessons. Pupils with long hair must ensure that this does not impede their vision, cover their face or provide a health and safety risk. Long hair must be tied back during practical lessons, e.g. during PE.

Small plain gold or silver stud earrings. The studs must be discreet, only round or square shaped, without a pattern or jewel. Only one earring should be worn in each lobe. No piercings should be worn in any other part of the ear. Rings, necklaces and bracelets are not allowed. A normal wristwatch may be worn. Jewellery is the responsibility of the pupil and not the school. Lost or damaged items will not be refunded. All jewellery must be removed during practical lessons, including PE lessons and science experiments.

These are restricted to one plain gold or silver stud in each ear lobe. Piercings for both sexes in other parts of the body are not permitted. For health and safety reasons, all piercings must be removed when participating in PE activities. We would ask parents that permitted piercings are carried out at a time that will allow healing, to ensure that they can be removed for PE activities.

Nail polish/decoration is not permitted in Years 7 – 11 including gels and shellac and /or nail extensions. Students will be asked to remove nail polish and / or nail extensions.

Only minimal, natural looking make up is allowed. If it is obvious make up is being worn then students will be asked to remove it.

Complete or partial shaving of eyebrows is not allowed. Beards, moustaches and stubble are a Sixth Form privilege only.

Students will need to have the following with them every day at school: pen (1 black and 1 green), pencil, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener, coloured pencils (not fibre tips), scientific calculator (Casio fx-83gt or Casio fx-85g), geometry set for maths (compass with little pencil, protractor, set square), and a reading book.

Parents are responsible for ensuring their child brings their PE kit to school when needed. 


  • White t-shirt with KES logo
  • Black and green shorts with KES logo or black and green skort with KES logo or plain black shorts (non lycra).
  • Black football socks (Sept-April)
  • White ankle socks (April-July)
  • Black swimming costume.
  • Sports trainers
  • Optional kit: Sports hoodie with KES logo, plain black joggers or plain black sports leggings (for winter months) and football boots (only for extra-curricular football club)


  • White t-shirt with KES logo
  • Black and green shorts with KES logo or plain black shorts (non lycra).
  • Black and green rugby top with KES logo
  • Black football socks (Sept-April for outdoor sports)
  • White ankle socks (Sept-July for indoor sports and summer sports)
  • Black swimming shorts.
  • Sports trainers
  • Football boots
  • Optional kit: Sports hoodie with KES logo and plain black joggers (for winter months)

Responsibility for Clothing and Personal Items

Please ensure that all clothing and belongings are clearly named. When lost property is handed in, it can easily be returned to its owner if named. Unnamed clothing will be held for a short time in the Lost Property cupboard; students can look for lost belongings at Break 1 every day by going to the Admin Centre. Property that remains unclaimed after a term will be disposed of. Parents are advised to make sure that their personal household insurance includes replacement cover for any items their children may lose. Please note that the school cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal items and is not insured for personal items.