Teacher Training@KES

Are you interested in training to become a secondary school teacher? 

Do you want to find out more information?

Are you looking for new opportunities and the chance to develop new skills while pursuing a professional career pathway?

Then we might be able to help! 

Our school is part of a growing number of schools leading the way for a more school-centred teacher training approach. The school centred teaching programme allows trainee teachers to gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) alongside a Master’s level PGCE whilst training in a school. 

At KES we work with a number of different training providers and host a number of trainees across a range of different subjects. The providers we work with are:

Most providers work in a similar way, with 4 days in your teaching school and 1 day with the training provider.

We are looking for people who have (or will have) a degree, have a passion/interest for teaching and want to inspire young people to fulfil their potential.  Please contact us if you would like to hear about the teacher training opportunities available. We can also provide you with support and guidance on the different providers and your application, as well as offer you school experience if you just want a taster of what teaching could be like.

If you would like more information regarding this, then please email Miss Chloe Coulson-West at chloecoulson@kes.essex.sch.uk and Miss Gemma Lowe at gemmalowe@kes.essex.sch.uk, the Initial Teacher Training co-ordinators at KES, who will be able to offer more information about training to become a teacher and your options.