Parent Consultation Events

KES holds parent consultation events remotely via a web based video call system and bookings are made via an online appointment booking system.

There is one event for each year group and parents and carers have the opportunity to discuss their child’s progress together with subject staff and their child.

The booking system allows parents and carers to choose their own appointment times with teachers and then receive an email confirming the appointments.

Parents and carers receive full instructions on how to access the system, in advance of the event, via Schoolcomms.

Parents and carers are asked to check that they have an up-to-date web browser in advance of the meetings so that the video and microphone will work with the system, or a mobile phone can also be used.

We believe it is essential for us to work in partnership with parents and carers to help our students achieve their Personal Best, and we therefore believe these meetings are very important and extremely valuable for both staff and students.

For further information on our parents consultation events, or if there are any barriers to attending our virtual events, please contact the Admin Centre.

For reference, the online booking system can be accessed by clicking on the following link:

Year 7 19.06.24
Year 8 08.05.24
Year 9 27.03.24
Year 10 15.11.23
Year 11 17.01.24
Year 12  24.04.24
Year 13 24.01.24