Examinations are an integral part of students' future life chances – the school's drive is to support every student to achieve their very best in internal and external examinations.

Here you will find information on internal and external exams, official regulations, information and support for students and parents to enable effective planning. If you ever have any questions or concerns relating to exams please contact the Exams Officer, Mrs Popham, at: examsoffice@kes.essex.sch.uk or see her in her office K17.

Examination Dates 2023-24

Students taking PPE's or formal written exams will be sent individual timetables nearer the exams with full details of those they are sitting. However, please be aware of the following dates:

November 2023 GCSE Re-sits  7th to 10th November 2023
Summer Exams 2024   9th May to 26th June 2024

Please note ALL students taking any exam during the Summer 2024 series will be expected to be available for any controlled assessments, unit exams and the entire period From 9th May 2024 up to and including 26th June 2024, regardless of when their final scheduled exam takes place. This is because several dates have been set as 'Contingency Dates' by the JCQ to allow an exam date/time to be moved should an event of national or significant local disruption occur, to allow all students a fair and equal chance. This is not a school decision and applies to all candidates in all schools.

It is common and understandable for families to book holidays in June/July as prices are lower, however it would be devastating for a student to miss out on a good grade after working hard for 2 years because they might be absent from a re-arranged final exam.

Timetables will be uploaded here as soon as they are available.

Results Days 2024

A Level and Level 3 BTEC result

15th August 2024

GCSE and Level 1 and 2 BTEC result

22nd August 2024