Sixth Form Staff

Sixth Form Support Team

The transition to Sixth Form is an exciting time but can also be stressful.  There are difficult choices to be made about your options and your future at a time when you will be busier than ever with many demands on your time.  To help you, we have an experienced team that take you through the one, two or three years that you are with us.

All Sixth Form students have a personal tutor who will remain with you throughout your time here.  The tutor will be someone you see every day and will eventually write your reference.

The Head of Year 12 will welcome you in September and will remain your Head of Year throughout your Sixth Form experience.  Heads of Year are responsible for the day to day running of their year group.  They will lead on enrichment activities, charity work and the weekly tutor programme.  In addition they will look after your everyday welfare and ensure you are attending regularly and punctually and have a good attitude to learning. 

Sixth Form study can be tricky at times but with help and support we are confident that you will achieve your potential.  To help you with this we have a Sixth Form Progress and Intervention Manager who will set your targets and monitor your progress throughout the year.  if you are struggling in any way this will be picked up very quickly and strategies will be put in place to get you back on track.  One option is a referral to our specialist Sixth Form Learning Mentor who can help with organisation, time management, motivation, subject difficulties, essay writing and overall confidence.

We have a full time Careers/Progression Manager to help you identify and access your best career path whether it be university, apprenticeships or employment. 

Some of our level 3 students apply to university and we have an excellent track record of getting people to top universities.  However, if university is not for you, we will help you with CVs and apprenticeship applications. You can also get additional advice from our impartial careers adviser.

If you think you will struggle financially you may be able to apply for a bursary.

If you continue to use the contract buses, there is a charge for Sixth Form. However the school helps to subsidise this.