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Pastoral Care

At KES, we are supportive and our pastoral team are knowledgeable, professional and dedicated.

The pastoral system is designed to ensure all students are supported throughout their years at KES. This support starts even before students join KES. Our pastoral team work closely with primary schools to assess how we can support students with their transition into Year 7 and through their years at KES.

Our pastoral team consists of:

  • Heads of Year
  • Assistant Heads of Year
  • Pastoral Officers
  • Lead Practitioner - Pastoral
  • Counsellors
Year Head of Year Assistant Head of Year Pastoral Officer
7 Miss Ferguson Miss O'Brien Miss Ellis
8 Miss Tomsett - Miss Farrell
9 Miss Smith - Ms Frend
10 Mrs Ponton - -
11 Mr Halle Mrs Sivell Ms Drakes


These staff all work alongside our Deputy Head for Pastoral to ensure consistent support throughout the school.

Every student has a tutor which is their first point of contact every day. To ensure consistency, students keep their tutor throughout their time at KES.

Each year group has a dedicated Head of Year. In Year 7, the Head of Year specialises in the transition from primary to secondary school. From Year 8, Heads of Year follow their year group through the school. Heads of Year are very knowledgeable about their year groups and build positive working relationships with students and their families. This ensures the communication between home and school is clear and consistent.

We understand that school life can be difficult at times for many reasons. However, our pastoral team are dedicated to ensure every child is supported and heard.

For further information on our pastoral care please email admin@kes.essex.sch.uk. Your questions will then be passed onto the appropriate member of our pastoral team who will get back to you.