Student Leaders

Student Leadership Team Logo 2Developing students’ leadership skills is an important aspect of life at KES.  All students need to develop confidence, resilience, organisation and communication skills and there are ample opportunities for them to do this.

Our Student Leadership Team comprises of KS5 Head and Deputy Head Students.These students are chosen from the Sixth Form. Their role is to be ambassadors for the school, lead at key functions and run the School Council. 

They meet with the school’s Senior Leadership Team to discuss issues that are important to the student body, as well as running any committees in the Sixth Form. 

Students from the Sixth Form can apply for these roles each March and their term of office will run from April for one year. Students complete an application form to become Head Student. They then attend an interview with members of staff on the Senior Leadership Team.

The SLT work together on a legacy project to leave a lasting mark on KES. Previous projects have included the purchase of tree saplings to be planted in the new courtyard of the new school building, a tapestry wall hanging and an allotment.

In Year 10, students are offered the opportunity to apply to become Prefects.  Approximately one hundred students are chosen every year based on an application process. Prefects are split into different groups with specific responsibility for a different area.

These areas are: House System, Anti-Bullying Council, English as an additional Language, Sports, Events, Environment, Library and Learning Support.

Students who have responsibility for the Anti-Bullying Council, become members of the Council. The Council operates during every break time in J9. Their role is to provide support and a safe space for students to talk about any issues they are facing in regard to bullying and act as a mentor for students who believe they are experiencing bullying. 

Students who have responsibility for the House system become our Senior House Captains. These students help with the organisation of the three annual whole school House events, champion their House and encourage their peers to earn House Points and take part in the House events and competitions.