Student Council

KES Student Council Logo webWe believe it is important to listen to our students and the ideas they have for improvements we could make to school life. This is why we have a Student Council. 

The Sixth Form Head Students and Deputy Head Students lead the Student Council, which consists of one Year Group Representative from each year, from years 7-11.

Students that are already in the role of House Tutor Representative can apply to be the Year Group Representative for their year and are appointed via a democratic election process.

Once the new council is formed in September, they gather feedback from their Heads of Year and House Tutor Representatives and then at the first Student Council meeting in the first half of the autumn term they discuss the collated ideas.

During the second half of the autumn term, the ideas are presented to the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team and the main improvement project for the year is chosen.

The project is then implemented during the spring and summer terms.