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Welcome to our Sixth Form

At KES our students are at the centre of all that we do - helping them to achieve their ‘Personal Best’ in every aspect of Sixth Form life is what drives us. Our Sixth Form is open to all, regardless of ability.

We are confident that we run courses that suit a wide range of abilities and aspirations and aim to help all students develop the skills and mentality to be independent, proactive and resilient.

As well as preparing students for exams and university entrance, we ensure that our students also develop a range of other skills and attributes that will prepare them for adult life. Students are motivated by a system of rewards and privileges and we endeavour to recognise all their achievements, in and out of lessons.

From the outset we set challenging targets for our students. Regardless of which programme they are on, we endeavour to help them achieve at the highest level. If you want to go to Oxford or Cambridge, we can get you there; if you want to be a carer or carpenter, then we will give you the tools for success.