The School Day

School starts at 07.55 and students are expected to be on site by 07.50 so that they can get to their tutor base in time. 

The electronic gates close at 07.53 allowing for any student who is late for good reason the chance to rush to their registration. However students should not be arriving at this time as a matter of habit. Students who are perpetually late without good reason must expect to be sanctioned. All parents are asked to ensure that their children leave home in plenty of time to get to school punctually.

Registration 07.55 to 08.10
Lesson 1 08.10 to 09.05
Lesson 2 09.10 to 10.05
Break 1 10.05 to 10.30
Reading 10.30 to 10.55
Lesson 3 10.55 to 11.50
Lesson 4 11.55 to 12.50
Break 2 12.50 to 13.10
Lesson 5 13.15 to 14.10
Lunch (for students wishing to stay) 14.10 to 14.30
Extra-curricular activities 14.30 to 15.30


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