Thinking Schools

KES works in collaboration with 'Thinking Matters' and in association with Exeter University on our journey to becoming a 'Thinking School'. Over 3 years we will be receiving some of the best training in developing our skills to provide students with the opportunities to master a range of thinking skills and intelligent learning behaviours.

Over the course of the first year students will be using a range of templates in all subjects to develop this thinking and ability to plan for examinations. One of our first initiatives is the introduction of 'Thinking Maps' which provide a common language of visual tools. These help students to both reflect on their own thinking and be fluent in explaining the mental processes they are using. Research shows, on average, a 'Thinking School' improves students achievements by at least one whole grade.

There are key benefits for both students and teachers including the development of independent learning, motivation, improved discipline, attendance, attitudes, behaviours and coping strategies.The scheme also aims to give students the skills to be able to succeed in an ever-changing world.

As the world changes, we must look to the future. We believe that developing thinking and independence skills and thought processes, to be right for our students.

A video is available explaining some of the key features of 'Thinking Matters':

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