GCSE Revision

KES wants all students to reach their full potential, and one aspect of this is the ability to perform well during their GCSE examinations.

In order to help students prepare for their exams we provide a variety of interventions, including after-school revision sessions. We have also put together some resources that can be downloaded below, including the KS4 Parents Guide, Homework Survival Guide for Parents and PiXL Power recipes - great brain food ideas!

PiXL Independence packs provide a great resource to support revision. These packs are relevant for both Year 10 and 11 and consist of a range of questions testing recall and examination technique. In some cases not all packs will be relevant for our students - the pack used will depend on which specification is studied at different schools. However, students will be aware which topic areas they are studying and this information is also available via the specifications. Details of topics and specifications studied are shown on the curriculum section of the website. We hope you find this additional resorce helpful.

Students can access the PiXL Independence packs with their log in details at:  https://students.pixl.org.uk


We produce a regular newsletter for Year 11 parents that contains lots of useful information. Click here to see previous issues.

For specific exam information, please visit our exam section by clicking here.