We are mindful as a school that the way we all interact with each other is changing across society. We know that how we speak and behave towards each other is key to how we successfully communicate with each other. Sometimes it is easier to blame society that we don’t know how to talk to each other anymore or behave in an acceptable way, yet we are society.  So to make our school a better place, we at KES want to change our approach in our own school community.

We believe that all our students have the character to be amazing, responsible and kind and we have recently launched the #KESway with our students and staff.

This is a whole school philosophy that believes that our school has a mind to be kind to each other. We RESPECT each other, we act RESPONSIBLY and we build RELATIONSHIPS with each member of our community.

When you come to our school we believe that we should live without harming each other, do acts of kindness to others and show respect at all times.

Therefore the #KESWAY means that our students are:

  • Kind, helpful, friendly, responsible, respectful and nice to everyone.
  • We say: Please, thank you, I’m sorry, how are you? Let me help you.
  • We do: Help each other, share, work hard and try their very best.
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