Menus are designed in consultation with students. The menu operates on a three week rotating basis, which changes each term to help with seasonality as well as the weather.

The menus are analysed using a computer programme to ensure they meet the Governmental Nutritional Standards as well as the Food Based Standards. Recipes are provided for all dishes as well as any theme day ideas.

If your child has packed lunches, make sure they meet your child’s nutritional needs by visiting The Children’s Food Trust website at:


Autumn Term 2022 Menus

The new school menus will start on Week 1 on Monday 5th September and then run consecutively starting on the Mondays on the dates below.

5th September, 26th September, 17th October, 21st November, 12th December, 16th January, 6th January, 13th March.
12th September, 3rd October, 7th November, 28th November, 2nd January, 23rd January, 27th February, 20th March.
19th September, 10th November, 14th November, 5th December 9th January, 30th January, 6th March, 27th March.

MENU@KES (Sept March 22 23)

MENU@KES (Sept March 22 23)2

MENU@KES (Sept March 22 23)3

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