Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs)

At KES we track students progress throughout the year against their Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs).

Students are set targets known as MEGs (Minimum Expected Grades) to achieve in each subject. MEGs are based upon a combination of targets set by The Fischer Family Trust Group, KS2 data and our own internal assessments.

Students should always strive to exceed their MEG as this is the ‘minimum’ expectation, not a ceiling whereby their achievement is limited.  Using formal reports, each student’s performance is measured against their MEGs where it is not unusual for students’ current grades to move up or down, however their MEG will remain the same. 

As students move up through each year at KES, MEGs become increasingly more difficult to achieve as the work becomes more challenging. For example, a student working towards grade 5 in year 7 will be producing less extensive work than a student working towards grade 5 in year 11.

The progress students make is shown on each report sent home, where grades can be compared to their MEGs throughout the year. Students will often see some variation of their grades during the year; however by perseverance and a positive attitude we expect all of our students to achieve their MEG by the final report in the summer term.

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