Homework is an important aspect of learning. It allows the information presented in lessons to become embedded. Completing homework has been shown to improve progress, on average, by 5 months. Home learning allows students to consolidate their learning, extend understanding and additionally develops good learning habits. 

In order to aid the completion of home learning, and to ensure that parents and students have full access to all the necessary information regarding the home learning set, we use a website called 'Satchel One' (formally known as Show My Homework). When a piece of home learning is set, teachers are expected to add the task (and any additional resources) to Satchel One.


This website also allows students to manage their time via the use of a Homework Calendar and To Do List.  In addition to Satchel One, students are given a journal, in which they can write a brief note as to what the home learning task is; however the expectation is that Satchel One is used daily to manage this aspect of school life.

Parents and students are issued with login details for Satchel One, which allows access only for the homework set for that individual. All home learning tasks can however be accessed, without using a login, by applying filters to the whole school home learning calendar on Satchel One.  Parents (and students) can also download the Satchel One App.

Students are also issued with a home learning timetable, which can be used to help students to manage their time and to plan when they will complete each home learning task. A copy of the current home learning timetable is available to view and download below.

The best place to complete home learning is in a quiet study area, without distraction. This may be in the school library, in a bedroom, at the kitchen table or in the public library. 

Students are expected to carry out between 60 minutes a night in Year 7 to anything up to 2 hours 15 minutes (a night) in Year 11. Students in Years 12 and 13 are expected to complete a minimum of 5 hours home learning per week, in each subject (which may include up to 3 hours of reading and research).If a parent has a concern with any home learning set, or would like additional advice as to how to support their child in the completion of home learning, please do not hesitate to contact the school. 


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