Life at KES

Year 8 Girls Hockey

Posted on: 29/01/2019

The KES Year 8 girls hockey team are still unbeaten since Year 7 following their recent match against Fitzwimarc. However this was the first time that the team did not score a goal, finishing at 0-0.

Playing in freezing temperatures, it took some time for both opposing teams to get into their flow but our girls still played very well, defending with both strength and power.
Charlotte and Molly made several challenges, stopping the Fitzwimarc attack moving closer to the goal. Goal keeper, Francesca, made two fantastic saves securing her place as player of the match and both Lucy and Isobel were able to get the ball down the line, creating goal scoring opportunities.

A tough squad who performed well and on this occasion experienced the vital lesson of 'things don't always go your way'. Well done girls!

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