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Posted on: 06/11/2018

We are excited to announce that KES is working in collaboration with 'Thinking Matters' in association with Exeter University, to become a 'Thinking School'.

Throughout our 3 year journey we will be receiving some of the very best training in developing our skills to provide students with opportunities to master a range of thinking skills and intelligent learning behaviours.
In the first year students will be using a range of templates in all subjects to develop their thinking and ability to plan for examinations.

Research has shown that on average, a 'Thinking School' improves student achievement by at least one whole grade.

Key Benefits for Teachers and Students in a 'Thinking School':

  • Develops skilled, independent, reflective learners
  • Greater motivation for students and teachers
  • Improved discipline and attendance
  • Improved attitudes, behaviours and coping strategies
  • Creates a vibrant, collaborative learning environment
  • Arms learners with the skills to be able to succeed in an ever-changing future
  • Prepares students with the communication and thought processes required for senior school, university and job interviews

As the world around us changes, we have to look to the future and developing thinking and independence is what we believe to be right for our students.

Please click on the following link to see a video outlining some of the key features:


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