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WOW - Word of the Week

Posted on: 15/09/2020

As a school we are focusing on improving our students literacy development as much as possible.

To support this, we have introduced a new initiative called ‘Word of the Week - WoW’.

During tutor time on a Friday morning, students in Years 7-10 are given a new word to remember and use during the following week.

Staff encourage the use of this word within lessons and through homework as much as possible. If a student uses the WoW in its correct context they are awarded 1 House point.  

Our aim is to increase students vocabulary knowledge and understanding whilst raising their own level of literacy.  The words that will be used for this year are listed below.

11th September 2020 Exploitation (n)
18th September 2020 Significant (adj)
25th September 2020 Encounter (v)
2nd October 2020 Ambiguous (adj)
9th October 2020 Imply (v)
16th October 2020 Pertinent (adj)
23rd October 2020 Evoke (v)
2nd November 2020 Classify (v)
9th November 2020 Fundamental (adj)
16th November 2020 Formulate (v)
23rd November 2020 Co-ordinate (v)
30th November 2020 Involve (v)
7th December 2020 Appropriate (adj)
14th December 2020 Maintenance (n)
8th January 2021 Available (adj)
15th January 2021 Financial (adj)
22nd January 2021 Principle (n)
29th January 2021 Process (n)
5th February 2021 Estimate (v)
12th February 2021 Individual (n)
26th February 2021 Community (n)
5th March 2021 Obtain (v)
12th March 2021 Conduct (v)
19th March 2021 Journal (n)
26th March 2021 Focus (v)
16th April 2021 Potential (n)
23rd April 2021 Conclusion (n)


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