Life at KES

Students Give First Aid

Posted on: 12/09/2018

A group of KES Sixth Form students recently came to the aid of an unwell lady.

While the students were trying to help the lady in the street, two other students, Nathan and Harvey, helped by using their First Aid training which they had learnt in the Army Cadets.

Having asked her various health questions, they realised that she was extremely unwell and called for an ambulance. By the time this had arrived, it became apparent the the lady was in fact having a stroke. The attending paramedic told them that that if they hadn't been there to help, the lady may have died.

Our Headteacher, Jonathan Osborn, said: " As a school we really value our local community and always encourage our students to do the right thing. The way that Nathan and Harvey reacted in this situation, helping this lady in such a positive, and potentially lifesaving way, makes us extremely proud."

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