Consulting with Young People

KES believes that young people have a right to be involved in making decisions and exercising choices. They have a right to receive and impart information, to express an opinion, and to have that opinion taken into account in any matters affecting them.

Consequently, the school is committed to working in partnership with the child, parents, carers and outside agencies to identify needs, provide support and monitor the progress of all students.

The young person is central to the planning for, and the review and evaluation of the support and reasonable adjustments they have been given to aid their progress. The school is committed to hearing their voice and to ensuring their needs are met. The school seeks to ensure that the young person is empowered to bring their needs to the attention of staff and the best ways in which they can be supported. This could be through:

  • Use of student passports – following a structured conversation with the student
  • SEND student representation on the School Council
  • Age appropriate conversations about targets and progress, using the subject Flight path
  • Participation in statutory meetings or annual reviews – student views are always collected and respected
  • Discussions about changes to the physical environment which would support the young person
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