House System

Romans Logo SCREEN USEVikings Logo SCREEN USESaxons Logo SCREEN USEKES is split into three Houses that compete throughout the year to earn House points, win prizes and awards and raise money for charity. Students are also able to earn individual prizes, including vouchers and more expensive electronic devices. The Houses are Romans, Saxons and Vikings.

Students can earn House points in lessons for any of the following: homework, effort, independence, progress, literacy, outstanding work, revision, target met, teacher bonus and growth mindset.

Students also earn points outside the classroom for being part of the KES community. Some examples are: taking part in an after-school club, representing their House in KES Sports, or being part of the Student Council. Students are also able to earn points for displaying the KES values and ethos or taking part in Subject House Competitions that take place throughout the academic year.

Each House is lead by a Head of House, who is a member of staff, with Senior House Captains from Year 11 and House Captains for each year group from 7-10. We hold annual elections where new House Captains are chosen by the students in their year groups. House Captains work with the Senior House Captains on events throughout the school year and raise money for charity and points for their respective Houses.  House Captains also play a vital part in the Student Council.

To cash in House points in exchange for prizes, students' need to complete the prize claim form by clicking on the following link:

Cash in House points

The prizes that are available can be viewed in the document below:

House Prizes Guide


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