Hospitality and Catering

Year 10 and 11

The GCSE single award in Food Preparation and Nutrition, offers an opportunity for students to make connections between theory and practice so they are able to apply their understanding of food and nutrition, food science and healthy eating to practical cooking The content of the course is divided into four sections. Students will learn about the relationship between diet, nutrition and health, as well as the effects of poor diet on health. Students will understand the economic, environmental, ethical and  socio-cultural influences of food availability and production process on diet and healthy choices. Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of functional and nutritional properties, sensory qualities and food safety considerations when preparing, processing, storing, cooking and serving food. Students will demonstrate effective and safe cooking skills when planning, preparing and cooking using a variety of food commodities, cooking techniques and equipment. They will explore a range of ingredients and processes from different culinary traditions, including traditional British cuisine and other international cuisines.

Year 12 and 13

BTEC Level 3 Hospitality aims to prepare students for work or further study in the hospitality industry. At the end of the course students should have enhanced their knowledge of the hospitality industry, developed their practical skills, and improved their employability skills. The course is based on 100% course assessment. There are currently no examinations. All units require extensive written work, including research for practical assignments and evaluations. One unit is completed each half-term. The units are more academic than the GCSE Food coursework and do not always involve practical work. Units can be completed as written reports, Powerpoint presentations, and practical sessions in the catering kitchen or discussion/verbal reports.

KS4 Hospitality and Catering Learning Journey

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