A Level Psychology will give you an understanding of the way people think and why people behave in certain ways. You will learn a variety of skills including analytical thinking, improved communication, problem solving and many more that will prepare you for a range of varied and exciting careers.

Year 12

In Year 12 we study key approaches in psychology; a variety of different research methods; psychopathology (including explaining and treating a variety of mental health issues); how memory works; social influence (including conformity and obedience); and different attachment types in young people.  

Year 13

In Year 13 we explore 'the good, the bad and the ugly' aspects of human behaviour. We look at Relationships (the good), Stress (the bad), and Aggression (the ugly). We will build on the core approaches/themes from Year 12  which Psychologists believe drive our behaviour. For example, are we born to be aggressive or do we learn how to do it? This leads to the fascinating, universal and as yet unsolved debate of nature v nurture.  We also have to undertake some scientific aspects like research methods which is really a small price to pay if we are to truly understand what makes people tick.

Psychology Learning Journey

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