Throw the rule book away, take risks and think!

GSE Sociology is like a roller coaster, it is fun and challenging, where students have the opportunity to question the status quo in our society. Sociology is not about learning facts, but questioning the facts that are embedded in our society. Sociology will truly make students think – hard!

In Year 10 students will explore topics that are relevant to them, these include family and education. Students will investigate topics such as, marriage, divorce and childhood. In Year 11 students will investigate society further; they will look at crime and social stratification. Students are encouraged to think and question issues like ‘how far is modern day society equal and fair?’

A Level Sociology aims to 'defamiliarise the familiar’ (Z. Bauman). Students will critically consider society through an analytical lens, known as theory and methods. In Year 12 students will further explore family issues, like the changing function of the family, as well unpicking the effectiveness of the current education system. Year 13 students will investigate crime by questioning crime patterns and reasons for crime. Students will also assess the impact of media in the digital age, by examining the opportunities and risks in our society. Sociology is about being engaged, active and contemporary; sociology students are at the forefront of thinking.

Sociology Learning Journey



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