Health and Social Care

Year 10

Students begin by discovering what is meant by health and social care and the topics that are included in the subject.  Students will question why they are interested in health and social care and explore the roles that they can follow into employment.

Addressing types of effective communication leads them to the essential values of care and rights of individuals which enables them to provide care for those in need throughout the life stages.

Year 11

Students return to the subject by investigating the life stages and potential issues which can impact on individuals’ development to produce care plans and strategies to support those who need it.

Understanding of employment and roles within the sector is developed further by carrying out research into the path they could follow for their future in health and social care.

A recap of the values of care will enhance their understanding to enable them to complete the exam set by OCR whilst completing three coursework assessments carried out throughout the two years.

Year 12 Level 2

Students' Level 2 journeys will begin by looking at the principles of working in Health and Social care and how aspects are carried out in practice.  Investigating the importance of working in a person centred way will lead them to understand safeguarding and how to work with individuals in health and social care.  Students will enjoy the opportunity to venture out into work placement to show how they can put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Once the year comes to a close and they celebrate their achievements, students can start to apply for moving on to the Level 3 programme or venture out into the world of work.

Year 12

Embarking on the single or double award will deepen the students knowledge and understanding of Health and Social care starting with equality and diversity and individual rights whilst examining anatomy and physiology and nutrition for health which will be carried out over two years.

With three external exams for the single award and six for the double there is plenty for students to research and investigate to enable them to become independent learners in preparation for their second year and either university or employment.

Year 13

Returning for their final year in this subject, students will take on Psychology and Sociology in Health and Social Care and start to question and discuss how health and well being can be promoted.

This year will see the completion of anatomy and physiology study finishing with the exam and the opportunity for students to show off all they have discovered and learnt within the units.

Health and Social Care Learning Journey

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