Year 10

Students start their discovery in Year 10 by looking at reproduction and parenthood; they use this information to identify the needs for antenatal care and preparation for birth. This leads them into postnatal checks and development of a new born baby; they use information to complete a short task which displays their skills and knowledge of a range of babies and children 0-5 years. Next they discover a range of childhood illnesses and how to support a sick child. The final phase is identifying key safety aspects and recognising how to keep children safe.

Year 11

Students continue their journey in Year 11, they recap on the knowledge they have learnt in Year 10 and use these skills to complete the external exam set by OCR. They develop their understanding of children and plan a range of activities that will promote a range of developmental areas; they then use these activities to carry out observations with a child under 5 years and reflect on the child’s developmental stage.

Year 12 and 13

Students embark on a professional qualification where they learn skills and knowledge that will equip them to work within the Childcare sector or continue their studies in Further Education. Students will discover the expected development from 0-8 years, they will use this to plan and implement a range of activities within their placement settings and support children to develop in line with the EYFS expectations whilst ensuring that Health and Safety protocol is followed. In the second year students will develop their knowledge further and apply a range of theoretical perspectives showing a deeper understanding of child development.

Child Development Learning Journey

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