Business and Economics

Students begin their A Level Business pathway in Year 12  by researching companies and their market position. They then use their skills to find out the demand and supply for different commodities and the effect the economy has on them. This could come from changes in income, recession, changes in interest and exchange rates and other economic shocks. Securing finance is a pivotal aspect of business activity, therefore, students will evaluate different sources of finance including: the bank, a venture capitalist, peer-to-peer lender or crowd funding. Students will also investigate a range of different financial calculations including the gross profit ratio, the breakeven point and the current test ratio.

Students begin their A Level Economics journey in Year 12 by investigating the economic problem of unlimited want and limited resources. Next students will investigate how interest rates, trade, exchange rates, production and consumption impact on the UK and global economy. Students will also investigate how the invisible hand of market forces affects supply and demand which enables the market to reach an equilibrium of price and quantity. Students will finally examine why Government intervention is needed to stabilise prices in order to achieve an optimal level of production and consumption.

Business and Economics Learning Journeys




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