Pastoral Care

Careful detail and emphasis is placed on our pastoral system at KES.

Every student is assigned a tutor who guides them in all aspects of school life. Since the relationship a student has with their tutor is vital, where possible, students keep the same tutor throughout their time at the school.

Each year group has a Head of Year who works closely with tutors to ensure adequate support is in place for all students. From Year 8 onwards, the Head of Year moves up through the school with the students. This means they have an overview of their students' progress throughout their time at KES.

In addition, students belong to one of our three houses (Saxons, Vikings and Romans). Being part of a house helps students to build confidence, self esteem and develop social skills such as teamwork.

The pastoral team is lead by the Assistant Head for Pastoral, supported by two Inclusion Managers, two SENCos, a team of counsellors, four Behaviour for Learning Mentors and a Pastoral Assistant.

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