Curriculum Overview

The aim of the curriculum at KES is to provide students with a wide range of experiences with the intention of developing well rounded individuals. We feel that it is important that students continue to study a broad curriculum over the three year Key Stage 3 period and are then given an open choice as to which non-core subjects to study at Key Stage 4 (as opposed to a guided choice or students following a particular pathway). We then enrich the Key Stage 5 curriculum to ensure that students are given sufficient development opportunities. 

Students at KES follow a broad and balanced curriculum during Key Stage 3. Subjects studied include English, Maths, Science, PE, Spanish, French, Technology, IT (including computing), RE, PSHE (including careers advice), Geography, History, Art, Drama, Music and Reading. The content covered in these subjects is in line with the content presented in the National Curriculum.

At Key Stage 4, students continue to study English, Maths, Science, PSHE and PE. They are also given the opportunity to select any additional three subjects from a wide range of choices. These choices include Sociology, Engineering, Catering, Art, Drama, Dance, Music, RE and Hair and Beauty. For a complete list of the subjects offered at Key Stage 4, and further information on what these courses look like, please click here.

Our intention to develop well rounded individuals continues into Key Stage 5. We offer a range of traditional subjects such as Physics, Maths and Law, but also offer vocational based qualifications such as Level 3 Health and Social Care and Level 3 Sport. Uniquely, are able to offer students a mix of vocational and more traditional post-16 options. We also offer a Level 2 route which includes subjects such as Public Services and Construction. In our Sixth Form students are also able to study the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), participate in Supervised Study sessions and continue to develop their PSHE awareness during breakout sessions. Various weekly enrichment opportunities are available, these lessons include cooking on a budget, holiday Spanish, The Arts Award and many more. Further information about our Key Stage 5 offer can be found by clicking here.

In Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 students are placed in three mixed ability bands. They are then set by ability in subjects such as English, Maths and Science, however they are taught in a mixed ability setting for subjects such as History, Art and PSHE. Each year group has a Head of Year who, by in large, stay with the year group as they progress through Year 7-11. In Year 12 and 13 tutor groups are a mix of students from both year groups. All students are part of the House system and are assigned a House at the start of Year 7. The House system reinforces our community ethos. Student elections elect representatives for each House and the Senior House Captains join the school's Head and Deputy Head students in the Student Leadership Team. Individual House points are collected by students throughout the year and contribute towards the final House total at the end of the year. For further information about the House system please click here.  


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