Student Council

KES Student Council LogoThe School Council is a group of elected students from years 7 – 13 who meet every half term to discuss important aspects of school life. 

The School Council members are voted in each year. Each tutor group elects a student to represent them at the Year Group Council.  Every half term, all the tutor reps will meet with the Head of Year to discuss the issues that are important to the year group. Two of the Year Group Council will then be elected on to the School Council. In addition, a member of the Bully Council will be invited to join. Sub groups of School Council will form committees to focus on different areas of school improvement such as environment, well-being, teaching and learning and school events.

Previous school councils have helped to improve choice in the canteen, run charity events, bought new picnic benches and created better break time space as well as put paper recycling bins in every classroom, helped in the interview process for new members of staff, and even visited the local council to advise on plans for a new skate park. 

School Council Meetings will be chaired by the senior student leadership team (Head Boy/Girl and their deputies).  They will feedback the views of school council to the senior leadership team after each meeting.

Aims of School Council

  • To give students an insight into citizenship, service and democracy
  • To help students improve their skills in speaking and listening
  • To gather the students' views on aspects of school life in order to identify areas of school which would benefit from improvement
  • To enable a regular flow of communication from students to school leaders.

If students have any issues they wish to raise about the school, they should contact one of their School Council Representatives. Alternatively, they can feedback through their Tutor Representatives who meet as a Year Council in the week before the Student Council meeting.

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