Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team LogoDeveloping students’ leadership skills is an important aspect of life at KES.  All students need to develop confidence, resilience, organisation and communication skills and there are ample opportunities for them to do this.

Our Student Leadership Team comprises of KS5 Head Students and KS4 Senior House Captains.

The Head Students are chosen from the Sixth Form. Their role is to be ambassadors for the school, lead at key functions, and run the School Council. They meet with the school’s Senior Leadership Team once every half term to discuss issues that are important to the student body, as well as running any committees in the Sixth Form.  Each student has a personal ambition to fulfil a legacy project whilst in role.  Students from the Sixth Form can apply for these roles each February and their term of office will run from May for one year.

Sixth Form students have many opportunities to show leadership and do a lot of important work helping younger students throughout the school either as subject ambassadors, peer mentors or as a paired reader.

The Senior House Captains are chosen from the Prefects team. These students are the figure heads for the Houses and lead on the running of the House events.  They work with teachers to maximise participation and enjoyment and work hard to raise money for charity. 

House Captains are also elected by each of their year groups. House Captains assist the Senior House Captains with events throughout the school year and raise a lot of money for charity. House Captains also play a vital part in the Student Council – an opportunity to help with the interview process of new members of staff and take part in focus groups about school improvement.

In Year 10, students are also offered the opportunity to apply to become Prefects.  About 100 are chosen every year based on an application form. They have full Prefect training and take part in an event to select Prefect Team Leaders. Prefects are split into different groups with specific responsibility for a different area.These areas are: Wellbeing and Peer Mentors, Anti-Bullying Council, EAL Support, Sports, Events, Environmental, Library, Learning Support and Year 6 and 7 Helpers. 

All students can take responsibility by putting themselves forward to be a Tutor Representative. Tutor Reps represent their tutor group in year meetings, and one Tutor Rep for each year will also become a member of the Student Council. The Student Council runs half termly and students discuss ways to further enhance school improvement from a student perspective.

Subject Ambassadors are chosen by teachers to help represent their subject at open events and by supporting younger students within the faculty.

There are also ample other ways to get more involved in life of the school and show students’ abilities to work in teams or take the lead. Representing a team at KES Sports or representing a school team is a good way to this, as is taking part in one of our many performing arts events.



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