Mr Barnes

Head of Design and Technology
I am proud to have been the Head of Design and Technology at KES for over ten years, I have had supportive leadership with excellent staff and resources. With this support new vocational and applied learning subjects have evolved which utilise my background in Civil Engineering and Craft Skills. Among many examples of subject development across all year groups two are worthy of a special note; the Levels 1 and 2 in Construction, Product Design and Food. KES has a long standing record as an award winning school and Design and Technology is no exception. We have entered various STEM competitions and received Design Innovation Awards. My time at KES has required complete dedication and at times endless energy but this has provided student success with greater possibilities for future development. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with my team, the staff body and most importantly the students at KES. I am confident that this will continue due to the strong and stable working relationships and under the direction of the school’s governing body.


Future Writer
My name is Olivia and my favourite subject is Art. I enjoy Art because there’s no rules when imagining a piece. You get to be creative, and nobody can tell you what to do and how to do it. Your mind can run wild across the canvas and no-one can telI you it’s wrong. In the future I would either like to be a writer/illustrator so I could publish my work around the world, or an athlete (as I really enjoy sports of all different kinds). Another option I’m considering is a job working with animals, as I love all species of animals whether it be a dog or something a bit more exotic. One of my favourite things about KES is the fact that there are so many options. Everyone can find what they’re looking for here. If you would like to be an athlete there are clubs every day after school. Lessons cover a wide range of topics, there’s something everyone can get involved in. Also there are about 14 different subjects here (in KS3), some of the subjects I’d never even tried until I came to KES. And that’s what I like about KES. They have something for everyone and they’re just so accepting.

Mrs Terris

Admissions Officer
I am the PA to the Headteacher and Admissions Officer. I joined the school four years ago following a break from employment to raise my young children. My son attends the school and is thoroughly enjoying his time here. In my role as Admissions Officer, I am responsible for maintaining our waiting list and for assisting parents who decide to move their child to the school. I am also heavily involved in the Year 6 to Year 7 transition process. I myself attended KES as a student and have first-hand experience of the wonderful opportunities that were available then and now.


Future Fitness Instructor
PE is my favourite subject, especially football. Our PE teacher sometimes asks us what sports we would like to play in a lesson, which is great, as lots of us want to do football so I'm happy. KES has a really welcoming environment and the teachers are really helpful.


Future Dentist
Maths and PE are my favourite subjects at school and I play lots of sport outside of school too. I like KES because the teachers are really enthusiastic and the lessons are fun. My aspiration is to one day become a dentist.

Mr Clark

English Teacher
I have been working as an English teacher at KES for four years now and have never been happier at work. It is a community, where support for one another, staff and student, is a central part of the school’s ethos. When I first came to look around the school back in 2014, it took all of five minutes to realise that this was the school for me and I haven’t looked back! I had always wanted to be a teacher but only realised that secondary school was right for me after university, spending two years working as an LSA. Ten years later, I am enjoying teaching more than ever. For me, working closely with students and parents is paramount to ensure that school is a positive and beneficial experience for the student.

Mrs Tyler

Head of Social Sciences
I have been working at KES for 15 years now; I did not expect to stay here that long but it is because staff are so kind and supportive and the students are a joy to teach. I love teaching sociology and really enjoy answering the questions students ask about society – it brings a buzz of enquiry to lessons. For me KES is about encouraging thinking and developing a love for learning – I can’t think of a better place to work.


Future Airline Pilot
My name is George and my favourite subject is Spanish as I have always wanted to learn the language and now I have the opportunity to. When I leave school, I would like to become an airline pilot and learning Spanish would help a lot in the job. The thing I like best about KES is that it is a welcoming and rewarding school.

Mrs Pallister

Intervention and Progress Leader
I have taught at KES for three years following a long career in the Further Education sector. I wish I had made the move to a secondary school many years before as I find that I am now enjoying the most rewarding teaching of my career. Most of my lessons are in the school Sixth Form where the students are inquisitive and motivated towards reaching their goals. I mainly teach A Level Law and BTEC Public Services and find the students to be passionate about their work and determined to forge a career in those areas. I am the Intervention and Progress Leader for the Sixth Form which means that I oversee the year 12 and 13 student’s academic progress and ensure that they are on track to achieve their target grades. Due to this cross-curricular role I can say with confidence that students on a diverse range of programmes experience a high quality of teaching and assessment and receive excellent results.
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