Senior Leadership Team

Our Senior Leadership Team (SLT) provide long-term strategic leadership for the school. 

The team is made up of the following members of staff:

  • Headteacher - Mr Osborn
  • Deputy Head - Mr Feeley
  • Deputy Head - Mr Fuller
  • School Business Manager - Mrs Packer
  • Assistant Head - Mrs Clark
  • Assistant Head and Head of Sixth Form - Mrs Ilett
  • Assistant Head - Mrs Kentish
  • Assistant Head - Mrs Merrick-Cook
  • Assistand Head - Mr Read
  • Assistant Head - Mr Roche
  • Associate Assistant Head - Mrs Heatley
  • Associate Assistant Head - Miss Impey
  • Associate Assistant Head - Mrs Woodard
  • Associate School Business Manager and Finance Manager - Mrs Buck

The SLT meet at least once a week to discuss and take action on strategic issues. There is also a shorter weekly meeting to address more day to day, operational issues. 

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