New Building

We are excited to announce that the redevelopment of KES is moving forward at pace. 

From the start of term in September 2020, we have worked hard as a school community to keep the school operating as normally as possible and are pleased that, since the start of the summer term, we now have all the buildings in place that we need until the redevelopment opens for use. Despite being a temporary solution, the buildings contain modern and spacious classrooms and technology rooms, offices, and toilet facilities, which are at least as good as the accommodation we now no longer use. Students and staff are now making good use of these facilities and are thrilled to have them!

Since the Department for Education announced that we have been selected to be part of the Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP), and the only Essex school selected, we have been working with them to undertake the necessary design and planning for the next stage of the project.

As well as ensuring the new building sits aesthetically within the remaining school structures, the construction and finish will make us one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly schools in the country.

A number of our old buildings have now been taken down as they came to the end of their usable life. A new two-storey block will be built in the space that they occupied, which, together with other buildings on the site, will create a pleasant central courtyard at the heart of the school. The new facilities will include design and technology workshops, food technology rooms, art rooms, general classrooms, a new school hall and dining room, and offices for staff - we will even have a new fish tank for our famous Koi and goldfish. Every single teaching space will benefit from state-of-the-art ICT equipment.

This project is a huge opportunity for all of our students and the wider community.  Our priorities are to ensure that our school remains fully operational with no impact upon the quality of our students’ learning, disruption to local people is kept to a minimum and the project is carried out in partnership with our students, parents, local residents and the Department for Education.  


With thanks to Norm Bright Aerial Video Drone Photography for the drone footage.

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