GCSE History Revision

In this section you will find lots of helpful information to help you revise for your GCSE History Exam, including worksheets and videos.

In each of the highlighted lists below you will find video links to make revision time more efficient. These are all suitable for the courses you are studying. It will help to just watch them through…but remember that active revision is far more effective. As you watch them, use the pause button to stop and make notes.

Weimar Germany

History File – Rise of Hitler. This 23-minute video was made by the BBC specifically for school students studying the rise of Hitler. From this link, you can access another four videos in the series that are suitable for our course.

Andrew Marr – Hitler’s Rise to Power. This 10 minute clip charts the problems of Weimar Germany after WW1 and shows how this situation helped Hitler’s rise.

BBC Bitesize – short clips – Treaty of Versailles. This is a short, one-minute video to summarise the reasons why the Treaty of Versailles was unpopular…it then links to seven other topics that are on our course.

Simple History – the course shrunk down to five minute clips, with easy to understand narrative and cartoons to help too.

TED Talks: How did Hitler Rise to Power? - Starting with the impact of WWI, this video uses a really clear animation to show how Hitler got into power.

BBC Documentary – Make Germany Pay. This seems really dated but it’s a great summary of the Ruhr Crisis and hyper-inflation.

Rise of Evil – The Rise of Hitler, as told the Hollywood way. There are some side stories that distract a little, but a really easy to digest summary of the course. Very strong on the Munich Putsch, which starts 1 hour 42 seconds in.

History with Hilbert: Golden Years. Animations and a very simple summary of the Weimar Golden Years. Links from here to other useful ‘Hilbert’ pages.

Crime and Punishment

Mr Swift: Anglo-Saxon Crime and Punishment – The first of 20 videos made by a teacher to take you through your specific Crime and Punishment course. Easy to stop and make revision cards from.


A long, long time ago – Two easy to follow videos from the Crime and Punishment Specification. Some useful links to the Germany course here too.


Crime and Punishment: 1000 to modern day – 20+ fantastic short videos that cover aspects of your course.


Capital Punishment – A very thorough one-hour summary of the story of capital punishment.

Tony Robinson’s Crime and Punishment – 4 one-hour episodes as Tony Robinson tracks the development of Crime and Punishment Through Time.

The Bloody Code – A four-minute summary from the BBC.

Police Force – A five-minute summary of the founding of the police force.

Trial by Ordeal – A six-minute summary.

Cold War

Cold War Overview, BBC – Still a little puzzled by the Cold War? This 5-minute video will help you gain a brief overview. A great place to start your revision.


Berlin Blockade – This is a fantastic summary. Lots of colourful images / cartoons and lots of facts and figures for you to jot down as you watch the story of a key topic in the course.

Cuban Missile Crisis – Part I of a 20-minute summary of one of the hottest topics on the Cold War course. Wonderfully clear and really memorable cartoon images to help.

BBC Teach Cold War – This video will give you an analysis of Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech and link you to four other videos in this excellent Cold War series.


BBC Cold War Documentary Series – If the Cold War has really grabbed you, this first 45-minute episode of a 24 part series, will give you a really in depth knowledge of the course. Or use this link to navigate to a specific topic you want to revise.

Teacher Talks - Causes of the Cold War. Great to stop and make your own notes as a teacher talks you through the Cold War story and makes simple notes on a mini-whiteboard. Warning…it’s written for a different exam board. The content is great but ignore any tips on exam technique.

Exam Technique History 9-1 – Written specifically for your Cold War course, this 15-minute video takes you through step-by-step what you have to do on each of the three questions, showing you mark schemes and what a good answer looks like for each.

Three Conferences – Still muddle Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam. This 11-minute video will give you a really clear oversight of these key events at the start of the Cold War.


The History Teacher – This link will take you to the first of numerous 10-minute videos that have been made specifically to help students on your course. Simple explanation and clear images to help. This video is about Elizabeth’s legitimacy.

Ridolfi, Throckmorton and Babington Plots – 13-minute video summarising the three key plots. Time stamps help you get straight to the bit you need.

Last Days of Mary Queen of Scots – Full BBC documentary analysing the events leading up to the death of Mary. A key topic on our course.

Elizabeth Takes Power – 16 minute video showing all the different issues facing Elizabeth when she took the throne.

Paper 2 Walkthrough – A teacher talks you through how to answer both the Elizabeth and Cold War sections of Paper 2. A great summary, with exemplar answers annotates to make the success criteria really clear.

Elizabethan England: A Time of Change? – Dr Ian Mortimer takes you through some of the key ways in which society was changing under the reign of Elizabeth I.

Elizabethan Poor in the Towns – Dr Ian Mortimer considers what life was like for the poor in towns and villages.

Elizabethan Rural Poor -Dr Ian Mortimer examines what life was like for the rural poor at this time.

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